Spout inserting


Compact, efficient, reliable single lane spout inserting machine, designed for inserting and sealing spouts into premade pouches. The machine has the inline capability to cut corner for spout inserting. It is suitable for top & corner spout applications for different market destinations.

Sustainable Machines for Sustainable Packaging


Machine Specifications

Mechanical speed 30-35cpm
Compressed air 0.5Mpa - 250NL/min
Cooling Water 6L/min
Power 3ph + N, 400V, 50/60Hz, 10Kw
Standard machine dimension (L x W x H) 4000 x 2100 x 1950mm

Key machinery advantages

Compact machine.
Easy to use machine.
Fully servo driven machine .
Custom solutions.
Intuitive software (for operation, set-up & maintenance).
Low maintenance requirements.
Easy cleaning high-frame.
Quick changeover machine.
Fully connected with integrated diagnostics.
New generation materials ready.
Digital printing certified.
Spout pre-heat function.
Alarm display.
Industry 4.0 compliant.
Designed with sustainability in mind.

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