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for next generation.

Flexible packaging offers a low carbon footprint alternative to rigid plastic and glass containers. Flexible Packaging also offers additional material savings as able to package more efficiently versus rigid containers. In the end, around 70-80% less plastic than rigid, flexible packaging limits the environmental impact of waste on society.

Karlville Swiss machines are designed to reduce the carbon footprint, by reducing the amount of energy needed, the waste, having low scraps start-up procedures. Compact machines’ footprint and quick change-over times. Last but not least, having energy saving heating control system.

What does that mean specifically:

A wider range of recyclable materials for different pouches models.

Increased processing speed

Savings of 50% of the electricity requirements compared to competition. An average of 36,000 kWh/year can thus be saved. This corresponds to the electricity consumption of nine 4-person households in a single-family home.

A huge CO₂ emission reduction 26 t / year (CO₂ equivalents). This corresponds to around 2,080 beech trees planted. A lot of wood!

Sustainable machines for sustainable packaging

As an important fact, pouches are mostly used for food packaging. They extend shelf life and eliminate food waste. Food waste is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gases; thus, flexible packaging is an important pillar for a modern world.

All Karlville Swiss pouch machines have embedded a dynamic braking energy storage device to create more sustainability in drive technology and lowering operational costs:

Saving energy thanks to buffer module with intelligent energy feedback.

No circuit feedback, only energizes and charges when brake is applied.

High level of energy savings, particularly with short cycle times.

Easy connection to the DC-link.

Easy commissioning, no need or alignment or control elements.

Nearly unlimited power output range thanks to the expansion modules.

All Karlville Swiss pouch machines have embedded a static energy storage device that protects against damage from temporary power failures:

A. Trouble-free bridging of short downtimes or allows it to run down in the defined operating stop.
B. The machine restarts quickly.
C. High output reserves due to cascadable expansion modules.
D. Easy refitting on all servo controllers, no need for adjustment, ready for use right away.
E. Nearly unlimited power output range thanks to cascadable expansion modules.

With our machines, we support our customers in their transition to a sustainable economy without compromising on the quality of the finished product. The environmentally friendly materials we process guarantee the same performance as packaging made from conventional polymers.

Our focus is constantly aimed at the development of the latest generation of products, the use of new materials such as cellulose and recyclable mono-material films and on solutions that allow us to reduce the use of plastic.

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