About us

Karlville Swiss is a leading fast-growing manufacturer of machines for pre-made pouches.

Headquartered in Balerna (Switzerland), Karlville Swiss was founded in 2018 by long-standing industry professionals.

The company quickly established itself on the market as a strong player, thanks to its innovative offering in terms of machine compactness, ease of use, quick set-up, reduced waste and fit with digital printing.

Pouches are among the fastest-growing product categories in flexible packaging, as they substitute rigid containers in the food, pet-food, personal care and homecare segments, allowing for up to 80% reduction in plastic usage and further significant environmental benefits across logistic value chains.

Furthermore, pouches are increasingly produced in mono-layered films or paper, allowing for improved recyclability – both areas in which Karlville Swiss machines have a compelling competitive positioning.


Sustainable solutions for daily life packaging






One Vision
One Group

Our Vision: our planet needs sustainable solutions for daily life packaging.

One Mission,
Two Divisions

Our Mission is to reduce virgin plastic use, carbon footprint in daily life packaging by offering solutions to produce compostable, biodegradable or recyclable flexible packaging.

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