Pouch making


Compact pouch machine designed for paper based structures, fold & tuck gusset, quick changeover, ideal for short-medium run high performance production of:
2-side-seal pouches from 1 web without and with zipper
3-side-seal pouches from 1 web without and with zipper
Stand-up pouches from 1 web without and with zipper

Sustainable Machines for Sustainable Packaging

All Karlville Swiss pouch machines have embedded a dynamic braking energy storage device to create more sustainability in drive technology and lowering operational costs and a static energy storage device that protects against damage from temporary power failures. Only 6KWH consumption during production.


2-Side-Seal pouches from 1 web

3-Side-Seal pouches from 1 web

Stand-up pouches from 1 web

3-side-seal pouches with zipper from 1 web (bottom fill)

Small stand-up pouches from 2 webs gusset inserted

Small stand-up pouches with zipper from 1 web

Stand-up pouches from 2 webs gusset inserted


Machine Specifications

Mechanical speed 300cpm
Main unwinder width 840mm – 33.07”
Main reel core 76mm – 3” (Opt. 152mm - 6“)
Main reel diam. 800mm – 31.49”
Material specs PET, ALU, PA laminated materials with PP or PE. Mono-materials (PE or PP based). Paper, recyclable and compostable may require specific tooling to be quoted as optional.
Material thickness 55-200μ
Standard machine dimension (L x W x H) 10600 x 1850 x 2250mm

Standard Basic Machine Configuration*

Inline unwinder Yes
Long sealing bar length 560mm
Long cooling bar length 360mm
Ultrasonic zipper crush Yes
Cross sealing stations 3
Cross cooling stations 1
Punching stations 2
Cross cutting Guillotine

* Various options are available on request; final machine dimensions may change accordingly.

Key machinery advantages

Compact machine.
Single web.
Ideal for short-medium runs.
Best configuration for paper based materials.
Best solution for mid-wide web printers.
Easy to use machine.
Modular design – indipendent servo control.
Custom solutions.
Intuitive software (for operation, set-up & maintenance)
Unique guided set-up procedure from recipe.
Very low scrap rate during machine start-up.
Fully servo driven machine.

— Low maintenance requirements.
— Initial reject discard function.
— Easy cleaning high-frame.
— Quick changeover machine.
— Fully connected with integrated diagnostics.
— New generation materials ready.
— Digital printing certified.
— Embedded dynamic braking device.
— Static energy storage device.
— Industry 4.0 compliant.
— Sustainable design, only 6KWH consumption.

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